THE FUCK???!!!!!

LGBT folks can legally be fired in many states and you fucks want to crash a job fair specifically for LGBT people?

I know it’s hard out here to find a job but seriously……fuck you.

Good fucking bye heteros 

Is there a greater metaphor for how privilege actually operates in a real world setting than crashing an event specifically created to address the exceptional needs and challenges of a marginalized group that you don’t belong to and then complaining about how much the event focuses on those people?

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nemesissy said: also: whyyyyy do ‘feminist’ cis bros seem to be way more into unabashedly T(W)ERF-inflected flavors of feminism than most feminists and stick up for horrible SWERFs so doggedly? is it overcorrection or displacing misogyny onto ‘legitimate’ targets?

I mean, the person primarily making that argument made sure to say that he thinks that TERF and TERF-esque arguments are INTERESTING but not ACCURATE and he didn’t AGREE - But that it was the author’s responsibility to provide ‘both sides,’ lest the work be rendered pRoPaGaNdA and thus… I don’t know, illegitimate or something. It was basically some dude who wanted to move the goalposts of the discussion and then everyone jumped back in to argue about what propaganda is. I dunno, if I’m good-faithing, maybe he doesn’t actually support that shit. But I find it really angering that his rhetorical writing sensibilities are more important than a pretty useful series of essays meant to educate people who voluntarily wanted to learn.

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If you were wondering the details of my last post, there was a Trans 101 series buried on the Boston IWW site where a trans person decided to do every prying mind a favor and answer questions about trans people/trans issues/etc. Part of this was trying to get out ahead of the “how do you have sex?” question, and did so quickly and simply, mentioning a personal example of how he negotiates his body.

Jokes abounded about how “smutty,” it was and it went into a discussion on how to “sexy up” the IWW. It wasn’t smutty - It was VERY clinical and read like… well, a boring FAQ that they would have found completely mundane in any other context, and I said so. It was about sex, but it’s not sexualized - the only difference here between a boring explanation of sex and this is the fact that it’s a trans person speaking about how he need to use his body and, wow, he said “anal.” On the fifth entry of a six-part Trans 101 set from 2012 that you specifically click on a Trans Labor section at the bottom of the page to find (as if this is the worst thing anyone would see that day in the first place).

Then the argument turned to it not being funny or smutty, but that it was inappropriate and the IWW has no place for this when workers come to the site to explore representation options (like this happens ever) and that it would turn away prudent workers with “real problems,” and it needs to be accessible and not seem “unprofessional,” by talking about sex. As if the IWW has never had a social project as part of their mission. Then the argument started that it wasn’t written “fairly,” and that it was “internal propaganda,” because it didn’t directly address the arguments against, I guess, trans realities (as if those aren’t argued with and denied on a daily basis). Like, TERFs were specifically cited as people that he should have made arguments for, on the basis that he then has to argue AGAINST them for the sake of it not becoming “propaganda.”

You can read the thing if you want, its the second and third paragraph.

Professed opinions from anarchists and anti-authoritarians tonight included, “trans sex is inherently kinky,” “trans issues aren’t appropriate for an IWW site if they mention body parts, ” and “this doesn’t present a balanced argument between pro-trans rhetoric and transmisogyny/transphobia.” I’m still going to be at your meetings, but I’m going to be screaming down your throat like the crazy bitch you already think I am.



That… Is not what I expected

Sounds fine to me.


That… Is not what I expected

Sounds fine to me.

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I reblog this every time I see it. I just cant


i don’t usually care about such things, but I have an autographed print of this.

i also have a 20,000 Leagues hardcover dust jacket she sketched a happy squid on for me.

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Das Kapital spoiler; Marx dies at the end

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i fucking hate writing my opinion on the internet, but this hit new levels.